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Our Vision

Vine Church has a heart for Hart

Whilst our historic roots (as well as our Church offices) are in Odiham, we want to grow vibrant local congregations serving each local community across Hart. We currently gather for worship each Sunday in both Fleet, and in Odiham, with a goal to start more congregations in the towns of Hart District.

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early days

Odiham Baptist Church was first planted In 1877, with a purpose built chapel on King’s Street being completed in 1885. Fast forward to 1969, Arnold Bell arrived as pastor of the struggling chapel. Arnold led Odiham Baptist Church into a period of renewal, serving as pastor for 29 years. In this time we became known as ‘The Vine Church’.

Moving to the old school

In 1980, the Church moved from Kings Street to a larger hall, purchasing and renovating the derelict School at London Road, transforming it into the thriving community hub it is today, with further major refurbishments in 1994 and 2021.

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Growing and expanding

In 2015, Vine Church felt stirred by God’s call to begin a second congregation to reach Fleet, meeting in Church Crookham Community Centre. It has been steady progress in an exciting journey, and our Fleet congregation has now grown into a flourishing community. We believe there’s still more for God to do in Odiham, Fleet and in the rest of Hart district!

What we do

Keeping Our Church as a Safe Place